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I just saw the incident with Russell Westbrook and a Phoenix Suns fan. Normally, I am against fans who take the dissing to a whole new level... but you can go either way here. Whether the fan has courtside seats or missed a lot of nice dinners just to afford the rafter spots, they are required to hate on players for the mere fact of earning more than them while wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts.

Yes, I won't look pretty if I wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts especially when the aircon is in full blast and for some reason there is a wild case of body odor in the entire workplace, but if I can have that AND get luxury items because of it, then I am jealous, resentful, and pretty much a dickhead on these macho athletic studs.

But yeah, if I can't do what they do, then I'll probably just hold my hatred with boos and generic, non-over-the-top hatred of what the team stood for. I hate a lot of players when I was in college or while supporting my college. I hate Dino Aldeguer for being so clutch that I cried with my batchmates when the DLSU Green Archers defeated the UST Growling Tigers in 1999. Also, I hate Lee Sang-Min and most Koreans whenever the Philippines square off against them. When I was rooting for UST, I hated Aljon Mariano for bungling a lot of chances against the Archers. And just by being a dick about things, I laughed hard whenever I see a guy holding a large hologram of an alien whenever Renren Ritualo shoots a free throw. I am a fan of the Rain Man but I am a UST fan first and a PBA fan second.

Judging from this last paragraph, UST fans really have this thing with the DLSU basketball team.

And for the NBA, it's Andrew Bynum for messing up his chances for a better career and Kyrie Irving for messing up my Boston Celtics' backcourt.

Players and haters have been clashing against one another for centuries - even in the time when neutral nations thought it was cool to see neighboring lands battle one another. For as long as they don't resort to violence like what happened in Detroit a couple of decades back, then it's all good.

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