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I have been busy with my real-life work as of late - because of the super long Holy Week/Araw ng Kagitingan weekend - so I had to write for my occupation rather than for recreation.

I have also been hoarding a bunch of NBA memes with hopes of writing something about it eventually.

It's kind of outdated now.

This is why I am just going to batch these things in photo gallery format.

Anyway, of all the memes here, I wanted to write about the Austin Reaves and Rashad McCants' situation.

Here's the thing - it's all about life choices here. Austin Reaves is an undrafted player that wasn't really a big-time name in college but for some reason, lucked out in the NBA as one of LeBron James' most trusted supporting crew.

Rashad McCants on the other hand is a big-time player from the North Carolina Tar Heels college basketball who had a couple of good years in the NBA but then hooked up with a Kardashian and once upon a time played as an import for the Powerade Tigers.

McCants lasted in the country for barely a month after playing listlessly while leading (haha) the team to a 0-2 start in the 2012 PBA Governors' Cup. In the Philippines, we know about discrimination and while the jokes are going to be hurtful, we try ways to get back at the critics, but not in a Song Hye-Kyo/The Glory kind of way.

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