This is one of my favorite 1N2D episodes.

Kim Jongmin is still struggling to find his way in the thick of things but he’s accidentally unearthing his wonderful dumbass persona. In some ways, he found his niche as MC Mong evolved into a reckless capable commander. Mong lacks brainpower but makes up for it with street smarts. Jongmin at this stage painfully lacks both.

So the members led by Kang Hodong, Lee Seunggi, Lee Sugeun, Eun Jiwon, Kim C, Jongmin, and Mong faced the staff for the third time. In the first installment, the members slept in the cold, freezing night but made up for it the following year by letting more than 100 people sleep on the ground.

Jongmin was unable to participate in the first two battles because of his military obligations.

The first part is somewhere on Youtube.

The second part, after all, is the fun part.