I guess this is some sort of next step boss move by the Boston Celtics as they brought two of their Big 3 in a time when Beantown needs all the inspiration they can get.

Not a fan of this practice though. Because it's pretty much like having Olsen Racela as a commentator for a Gilas Pilipinas versus South Korea game.

I mean, Racela has in some ways, broken the curse... but I am just afraid when Ra-Ra and a Korean basketball jersey will settle comfortably in the presence of a basketball game.

And yeah, it kind of did.

Sure bringing Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are awesome but Allen also has a codename of all-time three-point leader.

Like Curry.

But I believe in luck. I never wrote anything about the Boston Celtics' 2022 NBA Playoffs run because I don't want to jinx them. In some ways though, I wasn't as attached compared to previous Boston final-round showdowns.

The departure of Isaiah Thomas, the arrival and the imminent departure of Kyrie Irving, and the arrival and the wasted potential of Kemba Walker made me look for other squads to root for. I was rooting for both the Celtics and the Chicago Bulls in the East. I bought a bunch of DeMar DeRozan rookie cards and I have a somewhat respectable Nikola Vucevic NBA cards collection. Meanwhile, I rooted for the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies in the West. I have a Ja Morant personal card collection and as for GSW, I thought it would be cool if they win again. I love dynasties. I love Chicago's six championships and the age-old mystique of the Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. In the current era, it's the Golden State Warriors. After the debacle that ruined them in their head-to-head against the Toronto Raptors, they are finally back in the driver's seat.

Steph Curry led the charge and I guess inasmuch as I want to Andrew Wiggins to be a Finals MVP, Chef can't retire without getting one.

Plus, I think Wiggins will have the keys once Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green finish their careers. Wiggins is one reason why I hate all the talk about Kevin Durant making a difference in the GSW championships. Yes, he is an upgrade to the role first starred by both Andre Igoudala and Harrison Barnes but it's a role that was already there. Wiggins cashed in on that role in the sense that he's average of a Durant and Barnes equation. Wiggins, if he plays his cards right, could be the next in line in GSW the way John Havlicek became one when the old Boston legends were one by one retiring.

I guess Boston needs to have another Finals run. Al Horford is a difference-maker but they need to find another player to complete their starting five. As good as Horford, Derrick White, and Robert Williams were, the Cs are still in need of a top-tier guard and a more scary frontline player. Yes, Boston can build their crew via the draft but I don't know if Payton Pritchard and Aaron Nesmith could have better sophomore seasons.

Anyway, congratulations, Golden State Warriors, and well played, Boston Celtics!

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