I haven’t been blogging lately.

But hey, I think I’m going to do fine this weekend. When I was in my old work, I used to work from Tuesday to Saturday, and unfortunately, I never got that out of my system. I like taking away bits of work from my Monday commitments.

If only I don’t procrastinate as much.

Anyway, I am about to finish New Girl Season 6 and I really want to their ultra-expensive Funko pops. Full disclosure. I think I want to become the Nick Miller character. I feel like, at 38, I am still an awesome mind... that procrastinates on his hopes and dreams. With that said, I think Jess Day just got quirkier to the point of annoyance.

I guess Season 6 is just a way to build up the bounceback of the Nick and Jess love story?

I also found a way to score an Angela Martin Funko pop... and that’s like cool.

I also have this thing of making Iced Coffee by combining two creamy vanilla sachets.

I am both yawning and palpitating.

It's 5:23 now... and I think I need to sleep.

Get Sydrified.

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