Three episodes in.

Also, Episode 3 never fails. I think it's been like this since the dawn of time. Just check out the third episode of Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, and El Hazard to get my point.

Anyway, I like funny anime romcoms but ever since I discovered actual live romcoms, I stopped watching anime.

With that said, I randomly pressed a show that is on Bilibili and this happened.

A Couple of Cuckoos.

I think this is Mara Clara on drugs. Basically, the two kids were separated at birth, and then when they got to meet, they discover that their parents are planning to marry the two.

I like romantic things when they are absurd as hell.

Thank Japan for their insane storylines.

I guess the one reason why I could be into this is that Bilibili is kind of fast when it comes to buffering. There's this one time I got curious about The Penthouse 3's series finale and because of my work, I just wanted to know how ridiculous and insane the ending truly is.

It's the first time I finished an episode using my phone with the stress of connection issues.

A Couple of Cuckoos? Let's see. I dug Ranma 1/2 not for the combat and Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning continues to be the story I really want to steal the most (the one with the accident and time travel thing). Love Hina is another anime that I wanted to finish and let's face it, you didn't watch Slam Dunk solely for its basketball (because they drag the action to its core).


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