A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for some sort of angst-driven music with a desperate feel. The nice thing about working from home in the production sense is that there are a lot of pegs to share on Youtube.

Anyway, the first artist that popped in my head is the one that wore a swan (or duck or goose or whatever) to an award show.


Disregarding her freaky lyrics and presentation, the beats her songs produced are cool. I am not a fan of her voice but yeah… I look for her songs when I need to have a distinct feel in my plugs. In my old workplace nearly two decades ago, I used to look for her songs and now that we’re in quarantine, I am checking them out again.

It’s Oh So Quiet is a familiar tune while Bachelorette is another song I look into when I need an Aeon Flux-like scenario. And of course, Army of Me is a good song because of the beat and it’s not as insane as her other songs.

Get Sydrified.

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