4x MVP

10x Mythical Five

1x Mythical Ten

3x Best Player of the Conference

1x Finals MVP

Hall of Fame

25 Greatest Players of the PBA

1x All-Star MVP

12x All-Star

15,000 Points

2,000 Defensive Rebounds

1,000 Offensive Rebounds

1,000 Assists

500 Blocks

2,000 Free Throws Made

Top 10: Scoring Average

Top 10: 3-Point Percentage

Top 10: Free Throw Percentage

Top 25: Rebounding Average

1x Season Champion: Total Points

3x Season Champion: Scoring Average

4x Season Champion: Free Throws Made

3x Season Champion: Defensive Rebounds

3x Season Champion: 2-Points Made

For 17 years, Alvin Patrimonio served as the anchor of the Purefoods franchise. And up to this day, he is still part of their PBA squad in a non-playing capacity. This is how big Alvin Patrimonio is to the Purefoods community. Patrimonio is a 4-time MVP that could have broken Ramon Fernandez’s record for most MVP trophies. The multi-Mythical Teamer is also a sought after reinforcement for PBA-sponsored international teams and he ranks arguably second to Sonny Jaworski in terms of all-time popularity. At the start of his career, Captain Lionheart would ground and pound his way to the basket. When the Fil-Ams arrived, he would change his game to become a superb three-point shooter.

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