I need to relieve stress.

It has been a while.

It was past ten when I finished my work and wanted to be happy so I called my son and we played Brawl Stars. However, the losses kept piling up and I just wanted to be satisfied. So my kid suggested that we should play Among Us. I re-installed the game a couple of days ago and it's just a way for me to bond with my kid.

And in a span of thirty minutes, I get to be an imposter twice.

And both times, I won.

The first time, I was quiet and in a 15-man game, I just hid from the accusations by using a lot of virtual meat shields. The second time, I just didn't kill and helped the crewmates repair the things I sabotaged. When I gained their trust, I made them pay. In both times, I didn't get rid of my kid from the game. When he accused me, I accused him back. When he needs a buddy to vote for a person, I joined him.

It was so cool.

So let me end this with my kid's favorite Among Us song.

Postscript: Day 2 also went well. :)

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