So a couple of days ago, I went to Pasig City to visit my son.

Railey has these cool Among Us-like figures and being the Among Us nerd that he is, he began to do storytime bits with it.

Now my favorite character in his series is Purple. Unfortunately, I failed to document his earlier plays. Purple starts out as a noob that in his world, doesn’t do tasks, relies on my character for guidance, and tends to mess up the gameplay. At one point, there was an arc in which he didn’t know he was the imposter… and just pressed “kill” in front of me… accidentally. There is also a Lego character that he made called White. Black is the frenemy, Blue usually is the first to go, and I am either playing either as Red or Orange.

As if my son has this knack for character progression, Purple in time becomes a manipulative marksman – and tries to hide his craftiness with inexperience – whether he’s a crewmate or imposter.

So yeah, here’s the time when we role-played Among Us.

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