After a long day and you want to bury yourself with junk food and booze, you’d wonder how to shed a few pounds.

My take on this is to gobble up so many wrong things and then take penance a couple of hours later.

Usually, I am not a fan of this. Seeing that our current situation is egging us to just do things in the comfort of your home, then what better way to just be comfortable than waiting for orders while crouching on the toilet like a moron.

So after a long day and in need to just whip a dip, I whip out the contents of our refrigerator.

I like atchara. And this is not the first time I attempted to make this as a dip. It’s just that it’s too sweet for my taste. I usually have this to neutralize salty or just… not let my taste buds get numb. I am also contented with just dipping Pic-A on a container full of things… but it gets stale once in a while.

So there.

I made this insane contraption.

And I think it works… but you just need to spice up the dip to contain the sour taste.

Oh yeah, atchara is both sweet and sour.

But it works!

Don’t take my word. Just don’t. I have the mouth of a Petri dish. Even if I hate the food, I will just brush my inhibitions for the sake of winning a dare… or for merely shouting “for science”.

How about feeding it first to your dog?

If he likes it… then what the hell, right?


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