I am Batangas-born.

Tanauan City, Batangas, to be exact.

I incorporate the province into my fantasy basketball teams.

Batangas Holes, a play on Batang A**holes, is my number one team.

My logo has a balisong - a play on former MBA team Batangas Blades. This team won a title with Romel Adducul, Alex Compton, and Eddie Laure leading the way and whenever I think of my team, I see action stars. Fernando Poe Jr. is the epitome of action star coolness while I am a fan of Roi Vinzon. Lito Lapid, to an extent... but only because of political reasons (I saw him one time sleeping in the Senate).

And yeah, at the time I made this, I typo-ed "ng". I thought of Grammar Nazis back then and the bullet holes happened because I messed up on the sentences.

I bet none of you got this.

I was thinking a whole lot of things back then.

Anyway, Fantasy Basketball season is upon us and it's time for me to check out the best picks.

Let's go, Nikola Vucevic!!!