2x MVP

5x Mythical Five

3x Mythical Ten

1x Best Player of the Conference

1x Finals MVP

Rookie of the Year

25 Greatest Players of the PBA

2x All-Star MVP

8x All-Star

10,000 Points

2,000 Defensive Rebounds

1,000 Offensive Rebounds

1,000 Blocks

1,500 Free Throws Made

Top 10: Scoring Average

Top 25: Rebounding Average

1x Season Champion: Total Points

1x Season Champion: Free Throws Made

1x Season Champion: Defensive Rebounds

1x Season Champion: Offensive Rebounds

2x Season Champion: Total Rebounds

4x Season Champion: Total Blocks

3x Season Champion: 2-Points Made

Benjie Paras is the league’s only Rookie MVP. He is also the only person to win his second MVP after winning it a decade ago. Paras is called the Tower of Power because he dominated the paint with his strength and athleticism. Paras is one half of Shell’s awesome twosome and with Ronnie Magsanoc and one-third of a superb triangle with Bobby Parks. Shell won a bunch of championships with him at the forefront and can you just imagine how far he could have gone had not for his injuries.

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