I have been checking out New Girl episodes on the internet. It’s been driving me nuts that I can’t binge watch it and with the power of my six-month-old laptop… as well as several people inside the internet otherwise known as seeders, I can finally go insane on Schmidt and Cece.

Schmidt is the closest thing to Coupling's Jeff Murdock. Barney Stinson is also up there as well as That 70s Show's Michael Kelso... but I like Schmidt more as a flawed, lovable narcissist with a heart of gold... who is also kind of rational (I like the Kelso character but he's not that brainy as compared to Jeff, Barney, and Schmidt).

Cece is a celebrity crush. From a hot best friend in Season 1 to her transformation as the girl next door towards the end of the series.

Yeah… I like the story of the secondary characters more than the "Nick and Jess" one. While I am not saying that the "Nick and Jess" one is bad… I’m just saying I am Schmidt fan.

It’s like how I ship Monica and Chandler more… or Patrick and Sally on Coupling UK… as well as April and Andy on Parks and Recreation.

And here’s to me finding New Girl Funko pops in the near future.

I rarely find them in the Philippine market at the moment. I also think I have bought a lot of things that are just resting in my sister’s place in Kansas. But I will try to check out ways to unearth these pops.

Anyway, I guess installing a file-sharing software is going to make my laptop susceptible to diseases. Also, it’s probably going to make me search for things. Almost 18 hours removed from my installing it, I think I have collected at least 100 episodes. There are a couple of hiccups but dammit, I am hellbent on finishing this!

In the meantime, I’m probably going to just do Microsoft Word programs so I won’t mess up my wifi connection.

Get Sydrified.

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