Normally, I don't do blind pre-orders.

With that said, insiders have told me this Funko is Pinoy-exclusive under the Funko Pop Rocks banner.

Let's just say this. I bought a Darna pop and am good with this, but I never collected a Jollibee pop and have since regretted buying the Ateneo, DLSU, and Trese pops. I think I just bought it for the sake of "hype."

However, I am collecting Pop Rocks Funko pops. In fact, I just pre-ordered Oasis and U2 pops, I am locked on the new Michael Jackson pop, and while yeah, I don't understand some of their songs but I have pre-ordered the BTS pops for the sake of selling it later.

I don't think I am going to part with this pop though.

Rumor has it that whenever you hear girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets, it probably means it's the BER months.

In the Philippines, he's basically the next best person to represent Christmas after Baby Jesus, the Nativity Scene, and Santa Claus.

Oh, you know where I am going here.

Is Jose Mari Chan confirmed?