I saw this guy in one of Spencer Cornelia's vids.

Being a professional poker player, it's hard to read Mikki as what this guy experienced here.

In some ways, I think it's good that he looks as if people can't read his intentions or whether he got his riches from legal avenues. Personally, I would rather go underground than expose my secrets. I think his bio and all the things he said are shady... but it also adds to his mystique. Why would he want to correct public perception? His image is all he needs to live his life. Spencer verified a lot of his things... and I guess Mikki played him in the sense that he needs to act shadier.

Basically, the things Spencer reported are like the cards from the flop and the aftermath of the interview is the turn.

I guess a bunch of feds raiding his home is probably going to be the river?

Anyway returning to one of the greatest poker moves ever, this is a good bluff. Daniel Negreanu is still my favorite poker player but this dude is awesome. I remember a poker game where I won with just two 2s and I only played the card because it was a Hail Mary move and the only bet I could do at that time is to go all-in (I was playing the game with friends and I only saw the card during the turn). Here, Mikki may be insane because he tried to win with a 4 and a 5 but he also destroyed Garrett Adelstein's confidence because of the awesome chip lead. I mean... he played the hand perfectly in a way that it should never be played.

And the burn after the play?

Chef's kiss.