2x Mythical Five

2x Mythical Ten

1x Best Player of the Conference

1x Finals MVP

Most Improved Player

1x All-Defensive Team

4x All-Star

5,000 Points

2,000 Defensive Rebounds

1,000 Offensive Rebounds

500 Steals

1,500 Free Throws Made

Top 25: Rebounding Average

2x Season Champion: Total Defensive Rebounds

2x Season Champion: Total Offensive Rebounds

3x Season Champion: Total Rebounds

1x Season Champion: 2-Points Made

A son of a former PBA player (and a popular fixture in Fernando Poe, Jr. films), The Hawk is known for his sentry gun-like set shot. Rene "Bong" Hawkins, Jr. can unload his mid-range jumper sans the jumper with great accuracy. But more than his signature move, Bong Hawkins played a major role during Alaska's dominating 90s run which was highlighted by a 1996 grand slam. In fact, he got his first and only Best Player of the Conference award at the Commissioner’s Cup of that year and could have been the Most Valuable Player of that season had not for Johnny Abarrientos.

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