I like Brock Lesnar’s mic goodness.

Especially when he’s enjoying himself.

I think making him an overly macho dick limits his potential. I mean... maybe when he was starting... but now that everyone knows that he’ll destroy all shapes and forms once he gets ticked off, having a goofy Brock is a good thing.

Just look at his exchange with Sami Zayn on the December 3 episode of Smackdown. His facial expressions did the intimidation but he talks as if he’s a friendly jock.

Nothing friendly about his intentions though.

I guess this is the Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns match we want. Paul Heyman is the mouthpiece but he is also sharing the promo load with Reigns and Lesnar. Also, there’s a switch in roles with Reigns as the overly strong heel and Lesnar is the kryptonite the fans want.

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