I was about to attend an e-numan and unfortunately, I am short of alcohol.

Actually, I was thinking of drinking coffee.

I am stressed though. Work from Home messed up my mind that I snoozed when the clock hit seven due to exhaustion.

I needed a break… and I need my comfort food.

So here’s the thing. I like ultra spicy pancit canton and I don’t know the expiry date of Yellow Cab’s chili flakes. Hell, I don’t know if they expire. All I know is that I need to feel good.

Also, I remembered the unused cheese powder when I drove thru a nearby McDonald’s branch.

Look, it’s not that bad. Sure, it’s like when you smash a small Clover Chips pack to an unsuspecting bowl of noodles… but it works.

It helps that you meditate first… and severely lower your expectation. But I have eaten cheesy-flavored ramen before and what I did is not that overpowering.

And I guess for an ideal eating experience, it’s best to not have tears flowing in your eyes as if you’re headed to the guillotine.

Get Sydrified.

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