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Had to do it.

I get the “revolution” bit. WWE is the established vet while AEW is the big-time up-and-comer.

This match should have been on a PPV and not in a regular show.

I remember the Smackdown versus Raw GM Mode in which the “ratings” and the “viewers” increase with every stipulation match you can put but there’s a difference between the Shaquille O’Neal match and this.

For starters, Shaq is an untrained athlete with star power.


I was trying to pull in the thought that Shaq’s Dynamite presence could have been awesome (this is not a double-meaning statement) if they pimped up its marketing to the moon.

Fact is, they didn’t.

Much like this match.

CM Punk and Bryan Danielson alongside Miro, Bobby Fish, and Adam Cole are having their way in the roles they are placed in. I don’t know if this is the case with Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black. The thing about AEW is that while they are creating fresh matchups, they are not creating meaty feuds. CM Punk and Eddie Kingston had a great build to their match in Full Gear and then all of a sudden, we don’t see any payoff.

All of a sudden, Kingston is an afterthought.

The Super Elite shtick is awesome for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus but after their feud, Darby Allin’s redemption bid against MJF is now gone… and Sammy Guevara is in some sort of “title belt” limbo.

Let's do Malakai Black versus Sammy Guevara!

But whatever, I’m going off with my point.

I question a lot of things in the final sequence of events.

Brandi Rhodes just lit the table with lighter fluid. Then Cody superflexed Andrade with the flaming table breaking. Then Cody pinned Andrade for the win.

This is good and all but Andrade never touched the flaming.

Cody’s BACK had remnants of the table!

Why is Brandi grinning like a psychopath when her move did nothing for Cody?

Basically, Andrade won by a Superflex!

The Dynamite Kid used the Superflex as a finisher but in modern wrestling, the Superflex is merely... a move.

Okay. So the move is a variation of the Superflex. Perhaps, an elevated inverted or reverse suplex of some sort. I still don’t think it’s a viable finisher especially if the opponent never hit the table.

After the two made an impact on the table, Andrade paused then was holding on to his hair while moving his feet. The referee is in front of the two and this made Andrade look more of an idiot for losing to the Superflex with the capabilities of kicking out.

I guess Andrade is better off joining Matt Hardy’s group at this point.

And I am not saying Andrade should get his face on the flaming table. Why on earth did they do the spot? Honestly, this match should have been on a PPV and they should have at least tested it. WWE had a lot of ridiculous shit… but it’s not as if Vince McMahon’s egg is jeopardizing the career of anyone!

Okay, Austin Theory is on thin ice at the moment…

Maybe there is sense to leave the production team on the production truck but maybe they can practice this move at least with people that could critique the move.

The exploding ring, the fall from a cage to a cushion, and even those choreographed dives are the things AEW needs to address… after these necessary free TV matches.

I like Cody. Especially his Beautiful Disaster kick. Maybe in the following week, Cody can brag on how he defeated Andrade with fire on his back with the worst possible finish.

Then Andrade comes out livid and the feud continues.