I am a basketball fan and a true crime aficionado.

Of course, I show interest in these kinds of videos.

Collapse is one of Secret Base's best series because it combines sarcastic humor with facts you might or may not know.

Now I don't know what this Milwaukee Bucks team did to have their own series but I get that it's nice to feature the Bucks as Giannis Antetokoumnpo and the current version of the team is trying to defend their championship.

Anyway, I never knew that the secret character of this video did enough to damage the squad. At that point, I just wanted Glenn Robinson to have some sort of acclaim. As the top pick of the 1994 NBA Draft Class, The Big Dog takes a step back to #2 Jason Kidd and #3 Grant Hill in terms of popularity. I collected his rookie cards growing up and I wondered why he's not seen as a top guy even if he's consistently producing 20+ ppg numbers for almost a decade.

All I thought was, maybe it's because he played in Milwaukee.

Anyway, at least Robinson, Sam Cassell, and Ray Allen got to win titles after leaving Milwaukee.