I wise man once told me via a song that “he sings the songs that remind him of the good times and he sings the songs that remind him of the better times”.

And then it hit me.

Is Chumbawamba the name of the artist... or is it a band?

Looking back, it is a band. And they had 12 albums from 1982 to 2012.

They are far from the Tubthumping lifestyle we know.

I was born in 1982.


This is the synonym of association... as per Microsoft Word.

The point that I am trying to make is that ever since I learned how to schedule posts, I am using it with gusto. Initially, I wanted this site to get accidentally discovered but ever since I prompted something that gets a page I own to get likes... then what the hell.

Yes, I will have a daily post... DAILY!

Let’s just see how this plays out.

Get Sydrified.

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