This almost didn't happen because of a filed lawsuit.

We need to remember this. This is why a suit must never ruin the exploits of an athlete. I don't know who did what but before Tokyo 2021, no one knew about the mechanics of pole vaulting other than these guys.

Moreover, EJ Obiena executed the feat while wearing a pair of Cookie Monster socks.


EJ Obiena is on his way to reaching top-tier territory by bagging the bronze medal in the 2022 World Athletics Championships held in Portland, Oregon. The former ahem... UST star shattered the Asian record by unearthing a 5.94.

Armand Duplantis and Christopher Nilsen are awesome. Basically, they also went one and two in the Tokyo Olympics with Thiago Braz getting the bronze. This time, Obiena unseated the Brazilian ace in the podium and I guess this will further fuel the friendly rivalry between the trainer partners.

Obiena gains top form for every championship he competes in. This is what you get when you fund your athletes. Obiena went from getting fourth place in the 2013 Naypyidaw SEA Games to claiming his spot against the world's finest.

Again, someone needs to think of making this a reality-based competition amongst schools. Someone needs to get the kids to do this, especially in the provinces where their daily movements aren't restricted to whatever sitting around and watching Youtube is doing to ours.

Also, someone needs to follow whatever circuit Obiena is in. He has proven to everyone that he can work for recognition. I get the basketball and volleyball following at the moment but women's football has been hot for some time now and unless you are living in a rock, you know that Hidilyn Diaz's Olympic win is putting money on women's weightlifting.

Someone needs to do a pole vaulting league!!!

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