A month ago, I went to a place in Retiro called Elias Wicked Ales and Spirits.

It's a hub for tweens and yuppies.

The place has this certain kind of vibe as if it's made for rowdy college students. They have a stage in which people are encouraged to belt the living hell of the songs they think they know how to sing and their furniture is as if they got a good deal from a soon-to-close food park.

With that said, who knew drinking guava would be awesome?

Elias serves alcoholic beverages they created and their fruit drinks are awesome. I recently have this thing in which I order girly drinks. One of the habits I developed during the pandemic is that I stayed away from and I started to binge on Embassy and Ginto and other alcoholic beverages that I can mix with juice and Coke. The rationale behind this is simple - I want to drink cheap booze. A bottle of Embassy costs around 120 to 140 pesos in Shopee and Lazada while a canned beer costs around 50 to 60 pesos. I can gulp the contents of a canned beer in less than an hour but I can extend the whiskey for at least two to three weeks.

I drink to relieve stress... but at the same time, I want to know that I can still do work.

So going back to the topic, the flavored beers are pricy but they also taste good. I have tasted Pwedeee Guava Hard Cider and Rose Rizal but if I get to go there again, I'll probably go insane on the fruit drinks - especially the mango and mangosteen flavors.

Anyway, check out their booze HERE!

Their pulutan is alright. We already ate before going there so I only got to check out their Nacho Supreme. For some reason, it tastes sweet. I am not a fan of sweet things and I guess I need to check out their other products to better conclude on their grub.

It's good to drink booze with friends and if you're looking to get wasted with your friends and you are selfish enough to sing horribly without thinking about the feelings of others, then this is your jam.