Just remembered the song about the newfound knowledge that yes, there is such a thing called the Anna Kournikova virus...

... and the former professional tennis goddess is really the wife of Latino heartthrob Enrique Iglesias.

I mean... I think I know this. I think I SHOULD have known about this.

I once used Sydrique Iglesias as an online handle. Hero and I Love to See You Cry are my other Enrique favorites. I just use this to troll people about my Scandinavian heritage (even if Iglesias is Spanish).

Also, the oldest FHM Philippines in my collection have Anna Kournikova as cover. I think she covered the mag twice. This was way back when they let foreign actresses grace the covers of the magazine and far from the scantily-clad chicks in the middle of its run.

(Note: Sydrified happened because of Justin Timberlake's first album called Justified.)

Totally forgot about this?

Anyway, here's Escape.