A couple of hours ago, I had my first fantasy basketball draft in 2021.

I am the defending champion of my league and the first thing I did with my money is invest in G-Invest.

Anyway, drafting sixth, I planned to select Karl-Anthony Towns in the first round and then hope to claim my MVP Nikola Vucevic.

I got Towns... but for some reason with the fifteenth pick, Damian Lillard is still available.

I had to pick Dame and it basically to my current situation.

I have a guard squad.

I have done this before to almost-title success. The thing about this is that in H2H – Most Categories, you only need to win five of the nine categories to win. If I get all of the small ball stats, then I am going to win my matches.

So I got Towns in the first round and then Lillard in the second. In my 10-team league, I scored De’Aaron Fox at third and Jimmy Butler at fourth. Then I took another big in Clint Capela and then padded my guard lineup with the rookie core of Jalen Suggs and Cade Cunningham. Then in rounds 9 to 13, I took a bunch of combo forwards in Malcolm Brogdon, Mikal Bridges, Keldon Johnson, Harrison Barnes, Darius Bazley, and Lu Dort.

Suggs, Cunningham, and Dort are wildcards with the possibility of moving to free agency if they can’t hack the squad. The rest of the team is in a situation in which if I am going to waive them, I need to find players in the same position.

Admittedly, I didn’t really prepare for the draft other than my research. I had to re-order the numbers 15 minutes before the draft proper and I messed up with a lot of my choices.

I have two other drafts to complete next week and hopefully, these drafts turn out with better outcomes.