If the seller is honest… as if he or she is like… telling you to find other means to waste your money…

Then, it’s on you.

It’s… on… YOU.

After all, at least they warned you.

It’s a different story if they did not warn you though. It is hard to trust online sellers – especially those who are desperate to hit pay dirt… by any means necessary. Sure, most of them are competent but there is a remote chance that you might find yourself in a tough predicament. It’s not like you’re in some stall in Quiapo, looking for Singlish-subtitled DVDs, where one guy would test the contents, the other guy serving as a lookout, and the other guy trying to buy you Japanese porn.

Ever since the pandemic started, going to malls has been both a feat of bravery and a mark of idiocy.

A couple of months ago, I would go to SM Megamall to check out the Filbar’s store because I just want to ogle on things.

Oh, those days… are loooooong gone.

So again… let’s talk about bad boxes.

Either you’re okay with bad boxes or you hate them.


When I started buying Funko Pops, I used it as a stress buster. And I was under the impression that I was buying Funko Pops… and not their boxes.

But I get it – presentation is key. I for one thought the boxes add a certain edge on the Pop. I am a fan of Dawson’s Creek growing up (I will fight you to the DEATH) but he’s hard to identify without the box telling you that he’s Dawson from Dawson’s Creek… not unless you put said Funko in a creek.

A couple of weeks ago, an online seller sold me a couple of Minecraft Funko Pops for my kid. When I got them, I thought the pops went to war. To be fair, they were sold at half the price. Also, they arrived at my house in a flotation-like wrap.

I recently bought four Good Place Funko pops. The seller warned me they were bad boxes and even showed images of their flaws. I have searched high and low for these pops though and since I am going to take them out of their boxes anyway… I don’t see any problems if I buy the pop versions of Chidi, Michael, Tahani, and Jason despite the damaged edges.

What if I want to return them to their boxes? Sure, Funko Pop boxes will MURDER your storage but I also enjoy displaying them on their boxes. Sometimes I like to pile them up and think of them as one humongous poster. Also, I doubt if you can ask a seller to open the box and let the Funko pops stand. I have seen a bunch of YouTube videos where dudes would put Funko pops in hot water and then cool them off in ice water so they can manipulate the vinyl. Also, you can always put clay (or whatever they can that sticky, non-stick goo) to make the pops stand.

I don’t know about other collectors, but if the pop can’t stand on its own, maybe the next best thing is to return it to its box?

I also had this epiphany that I might need to sell my other pops. Most of them were taken out of the boxes but there are also other pops that I bought because of its potential. I have a Marty McFly and Vito Corleone pop but I don’t really care much about them.

I guess the answer would be is to buy box protectors. Damaged edges give in some ways... a “rustic feel” on the pops. I mean, call me crazy but yeah… have you ever tried burning the boxes of horror-based characters? I am not a fan of horror but I guess that could to the design.

If it can be helped, then I would not buy bad boxes. In terms of the value of money, why would you pay for a mangled box without any discounts? But then if push needs a shove… for example, if I see a damaged box with a Parks and Recreation, New Girl, or an Eleanor Shellstrop and Janet character, then all bets are off.

Get Sydrified.

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