FACEBOOK DOWN! #facebookdown

Over the years, we have relied on Facebook for our daily news, daily diaries, and the garbage we inhale.

Cheap NBA cards for sale?


Your cousin and your uncle fighting because of politics?


All the memories keep on popping up at a time when you want to forget about it?

Yes, please!

However, the powerful and almighty Facebook could unleash holy hell if it falls to the hands of some random online monster. Think about all the information that one could harvest because of some glitch!

As we speak, I can access my Lazada account by just “logging in via Facebook”.

So I am about to check out Facebook Marketplace because I need to check out the Funko pops I posted. There is this dude that wants to pay for my Rob Zombie pop and then there’s this guy who is willing to dole out cash for my Kristaps Porzingis Dallas Mavericks Funko pop.

I can’t access my Facebook.

So I went to Twitter.

And here’s the thing…

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Oculus VR, and WhatsApp are down at the moment and Mark Zuckerberg has lost at least 7 billion US dollars because of this. Facebook’s workplace platform, the generically named... Workplace... is also down and this limits communication between people.

Oh… no.

I once relished the thought of losing Facebook and for hours, I get that chance. However, it’s also a bit limiting. As mentioned, I can’t check out the Marketplace. Also, I can’t share this story with my family and friends. Ever since the pandemic, I have been using Messenger and I rarely text my buddies these days. Facebook is second only to Google in terms of usage and while I bitch and moan on a lot of fake gurus and dumbass people that salivate over hate-inducing content, Facebook can also do good in terms of making things normal.

Facebook is one of the reasons why normality is prevalent despite the horrors of the current setup. Just imagine resurrecting your Friendster and Multiply account, going back to Yahoo Messenger, restarting your Yahoo Groups, and just... go... insane?

The rebirth of blogging?

Inasmuch as I want that to voice my opinions with more monetary gains... imagine if each of your friends created their own Wix and Blogger accounts?

I don't even want to write some of the blogs queued at my site now!

Wait... what happens to my Global Feeder Fund!!!!!

Good grief, someone needs to check if Google is safe!

I think I can live without Facebook but losing Google and Youtube???