Updated: Aug 4, 2020

So coffee shops have this thing where you need to complete a form to get a cup.

It’s the same thing for taxis.

And I think it’s messed up that the first thing you check out if you see an attractive person right now is… is she wearing a cloth facemask?

Welcome to the new normal.

So I am about to meet my wife for the first time in almost four months now. Wait… I think it’s kind of five… or is it a year? It’s a weird situation I can’t seem to get the end of it. I would often joke about it as we’re “legally separated”.

I mean… we kind of are.

We were about to soup up our condo when the pandemic occurred. My kid should have been studying in Quezon City right now but the thought of us getting stuck in a 40-square meter box is eye-opening.

Are there any condo takers there, anyone?

Anyway, it’s a weird situation. Both of our parents are seniors and we would rather “guard the post”. Work From Home does not help either. When I was living in Pasig, my work station is a spot on a floor in which I use the box of my laptop as a table. So instead of that, I am now working sitting down, in front of the study table I used since my youth and slave for hours in search of viable, broadcast-quality, Youtube content.

And yeah, I haven’t seen my kid in the same span as well. He’s six and he’s aware of our situation. Sometimes, I hate the fact that he would rather play with his mobile phone than ask me never-ending questions. I’m just happy that like how I grew up, he also knows that just because I am not there… doesn’t mean I don’t love him.

My parents are both media practitioners. The only way we talk is through phone conversations. I would go to school before six o'clock in the morning and they would arrive from work at around ten or eleven in the evening.

So yeah, I think it's in his genes to "get it".

I am trying to grow my hair to that of Michael Kelso. Or at least… that supporting guy in Roswell. You know… that dude who is initially the group’s main tormentor who transformed into their lackey. I don’t want to Wiki his name but…

It’s Kyle.

I couldn’t help it and I went SUPERSURF50.

Nick Wechsler would end up doing another series called Revenge.

I think I can now pull off an undercut. For years I wanted to pull off that kind of style but I can’t because my sideburns curl and hair products have ruined my locks. But now, I think I can do something about it. The only product I use is oil and I would often work with a comb on top of my head.

As I wait, I remember that I am used to poop without rhyme or reason now. I guess that’s the benefit of living and working at the same place. There are times when I timecoded while pooping… not because I’m in a bind… but for the sake of adventure.

I was actually looking for a reason to buy a new laptop.

Dammit, Megamall is cold when the customers are limited.

It’s funny how a cup of coffee is cheaper than a taxi ride from Don Antonio to Megamall. When I was starting out, I would ride non-aircon buses for the thrill of commute.

Suffice to say, I like taxis now.

Not Grab though… that app sucks.

I think she’s about to arrive so I have to get ready. Maybe I’m going to check out Filbar’s although the only Funko pops I want at the moment are from The Good Place.

I wanted a Chidi pop so bad… although I would buy all six of them if I get the chance.

Get Sydrified.

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