I guess there’s still an OG versus Evil Geniuses rivalry in some ways in other tourneys but I feel in The International, I guess one team has outgrown the other. Regardless of how OG plays in the coming days, they have outperformed Fly, Arteezy, Cr1t, Abed, and iceiceice… at least in terms of the prize pool.

Ever since Fly "abandoned" N0tail, we have had this narrative of one guy destroying the psyche of the other… only for the latter to bounce back in a big way as the former just can’t get out of his “curse”.

By the way, while the narrative is cool... players transfer all the time in competitive sports. It's okay to have beef... but Fly can't really be at fault until the end of time especially with how good N0tail's Lisbon home is at the moment.

EG’s TI10 campaign ended when they got “airported” by Vici Gaming. EG got first blood but VG would then sweep the final two matches. Game 2 ended with a fateful decision and the decider happened with an EG collapse. At least the team will be walking away with 800,000 dollars but they would have to wait for next year to hoist the elusive TI Aegis.

So what now?

Fly can’t leave NA because they dominate the region. New members? I guess heads could roll with iceiceice and possibly Cr1t as culprits? Arteezy is basically EG for life at the moment and with the events that happened to cement OG’s boss status, I think Fly has to endure all the hardships to prove his point.

Or maybe, N0Tail could rescue him?

The thing about OG at the moment is that their mission is to claim a three-peat without Ana and Jerax. Sumail and Saksa are actually leading the unit to victory and while their starts aren’t as ridiculous… at least they still have their never-say-die shtick. OG is in the situation as that of their T8 version. Can Sumail replicate what Ana accomplished? Can Saksa shrug off the Jerax comparisons? Will N0Tail continue to sport his chick-like hairdo? Can Ceb win a three-peat after the events prior to the event? Will Topson continue to improve his chick magnet-ness?

Meanwhile, EG can win every major there is to win but OG has the advantage when it comes to The International.


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