These days, John Oliver has been hit or miss.

Sure, some of his team's research combines accuracy with hilarity, it feels as if they are leaning towards one side - without giving a shit on the other side.

That's why I lean towards Bill Maher now.

With that said, John Oliver had this thing about the 2022 Philippine Elections. I don't want to go political in my blog but well... it's a foreigner trying to act as a Philippine politics expert.

No offense to John Oliver and the rest of his team, but his jokes sound fake. The adobo bit is dumb - especially with most of our sweets having cheese in them.

Hell, we have a cheese-flavored dirty ice cream... that we place inside a bun!

This is not a political blog. Whether you are pro or anti-administration, you got to know that some of these American programs are just using the country as some sort of launchpad for their agenda.

One particular vlog I had an issue with about this is Johnny Harris.

Usually, I like his vlogs. However, the one time he featured the Philippines, he used it as a mere handle to whatever shit he wanted to utter about America.

The Philippines was not a united nation back then so you can't group the entire archipelago as a whole.

Harris never cared about the countless Filipinos who wasted their lives for the cause. The main Filipino contributors were rendered nameless and the vlog just became a vehicle for America's yearnings for Manifest Destiny but not to the point of giving the natives equality. I know Emilio Aguinaldo is shady but at this point, he is the president of The First Philippine Republic. Even in the symbol, he used for the Philippines, he could have just taken a flag or a random hero or even Jose Rizal for that matter!

Here's the thing - you can do this with any other former US territory and also... what makes you different from the earlier Americans that exploited the country?

You can just transpose the Philippines with Guam, Puerto Rico, even Cuba, and other colonized territories in Asia and Polynesia to the same results.

I get that my country is an interesting country. However, you can't just say something and just bounce upon it by omitting the important subjects and just controlling the narrative. Say what you will about the current Philippine setup but it's more stable than what they currently have at the moment. Even with all the hatred, you don't see people racing to The Malacanang Palace to defecate on relics.

I know politics is extremely touchy in the Philippines but like most nations, it's not like we are going to die of hunger when a new president enters the scene.