Note: Blog first published on June 2, 2009, and the following event happened three days prior. So this is the 2020 re-telling of a 2009 event.

I also tried to recreate the actual run... but I forgot to put down my bag.

And check out all the bracelets I have!

Last Sunday I woke up around 4:30 in the morning.


Yes... because I usually sleep at five in the morning.

An even odder story?

Last May 31… I ran.


My then-girlfriend asked me to join her on a fun run that would make me circle the premises of UP for the sake of kids (it's a charity event).

I never thought in a gazillion years that I would do one.

The last time I walked that far was when my ROTC subject forced me to walk from Espana to Quirino Grandstand.

But you know what, Cindy went with me at least once with my DOTA friends. And while she never understood why we were cursing each other, she tried to understand my life… which is why I had to understand hers.

We decided to meet around 5:30 am in Citimall McDonalds. I came on time but she didn’t. Traffic was crazy. The 5k run started at exactly 6:05 and by the time we got off the taxi, the gun just fired. After we checked in our bags, we tried to catch up without any kind of stretching.

Bad idea.


It's like a disaster waiting to happen. A mere 0.2k from the starting line and I felt a slight case of cramps. I was constantly punching my thigh to ease the pain.

I guess sometimes violence "relieves" things?

That was the time when I felt that I was dragging Cindy down.

You see, Cindy once ran in a 10k event and clocked less than an hour. I don't know if she can still do this now because this happened more than a decade ago but there was a time when military men and sprinters were the only ones that usually finish before her. When I saw her run for the first time, I thought she was part-Kenyan.

It also calculated things wrong.

Not only did we came late... we ended up taking the wrong route. I thought for sure that the Sunken Garden oval was 4k. It's just 2.2k. I was gasping for air when I realized this and it's kind of nuts.

Damn rain also didn’t help.

I also can't stand roadkill. Back then, there a lot of things decaying on the campus roads like frogs, cats, and little birds.

I hate roadkill.

To further shame my existence, middle-aged women were jogging past me. As of re-writing this piece, I am already pushing 40. So for me to I see little kids looking at me in an odd manner as if trying to tell me… “Kuya… kaya mo yan…” 

... is not cool.

I also had to endure hecklers because my hot GF is always waiting for me!

She’ll run as I walk. She’ll then rest… and wait for me to catch up.

Then she'll run.

And repeat.

Worse, I forgot to charge my camera!

For what it’s worth though, I managed to normally jog at the 4k mark. I wasn’t running like the wind… but I was running past the old people that ran in the 3k event. In the final stretch, I asked Cindy if we could sprint. She finished ahead of me… which humored the organizers but I accomplished something: That was my first fun run and I ended the 5k event in less than an hour (54 minutes to be exact).

There I saw the organizer of the K.I.D.S. Foundation event and it was actor/businessman Diether Ocampo with his ex-fiancé Rima Ostwani. Cindy brought her camera (which she didn’t carry when I picked up mine) and we shot a ton of sitners (a bunch of scenes integral for editing) just to make me feel good.

After the run, we ate pizza.

I also spent that Sunday with bones aching but would still find the mental fortitude to make the best out of the day.

We had a couple more fun runs before we got married.

It's not a trend now but maybe now that Railey's almost a big boy, we can do this again.

And for the next "fun run", I’ll make sure to break my 54-minute rec...



Game over.

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