So, I "bandwagoned" on something.

Not the first time.

I was looking for coffee in SM North when I “stumbled” towards Filbar’s.

Lo and behold, this is also the launch of the Alexandra Trese Funko pop.

I am not that much of a fan but admittedly, I like the way they launched the Netflix show in the Philippines. I know I hate the Ball of Asia thing because they are trying to blur news to the gullible folk, but the first salvo of the wow factor made by the vandalized billboards got to me. The move is straight up from the comic and you don’t need to justify the rationale behind it.

Ball of Asia is a doorknob.

Or a meatball.

I just realized that Ikea has this thing with meatballs.

Ikea is like... a Wilcon Depot in steroids.

Anyway, I have never been to these launch parties for some time now. The last time I went hard on these launch parties was during the launch of Eraserheads’ Cutterpillow. I was in elementary then and when I say launch party... I mean buying the cassette copy of the album inside the mall.

Also, it doesn’t help that I’m lined up with my fellow geeks. While yeah, the line is shorter than what I endured in Bread Talk (understandably because when I saw the oven-fresh loaves, I just went gung-ho) it still has a line.

COVID and long lines don’t mix.

I hate tight spaces.

If I wanted to buy the Alexandra Trese chase, I would. I think the regular Trese pop looks a lot like the Darna pop (mercenary version) in terms of facial features. It’s just too pricey and it’s not really my line.

As for these Pinoy-based lines, people have something for Pugad Baboy.

If that’s going to be a set of 12... then I am going to buy the entire set.

Anyway, I made a vlog.