Confession time.

This Drew McIntyre is not supposed to be on my list.

While I like his work, I am not a fan.

The next WWE pop I had in mind is Matt Riddle - and that's only because I already have a Randy Orton pop and I am going to display Riddle with my Rob Van Dam pop.

As I was about to buy though, I experienced two things - chickening out... and the reaction of the saleslady the moment I decide to buy the Mariah Carey pop. She'll probably think this 40-something is just... hehehe.

I want the Mariah Carey pop version because it was before she went insane on her wardrobe. One Sweet Day, You're Always Be My Baby, Heartbreaker, Dream Lover, and Hero are my favorite Mariah Carey songs. That insane tiny shriek is something that I like and yet that also terrifies me whenever I see her songs played in videoke machines.

Anyway, I will buy the Mariah Carey pop online.