I'm just putting this here to remind me of my Funko targets for 2022.

For my TV line, I am passing on a lot of things. Can someone tell Funko to either finish the How I Met Your Mother line or tell them to get the rights of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and That 70s Show?

For my Funko Rocks and WWE line though...


I have already pre-ordered Noel and Liam Gallagher. They are my top picks for this Funko draft.


Another pick for my Funko Rocks line. I lived in a time when One Sweet Day is an awesome song (still is) and I think this is her version before her Honey / Butterfly pace.


As mentioned in my previous blog, I am not much of a fan of the boyband but I like their English songs. Anyway, from a financial standpoint, I would like to invest in their pops but at the same time, I need to get rid of some of my other pops to make room in my room.


There are at least four WWE Funkos that I've been eyeing and one of them is the Original Bro.


So I am a fan of pop with distinct looks and this is why I like WWE Funko pops. Rob Van Dam has a distinct look while the ECW logo is on top of Paul Heyman's iconic hat.

And then there's Michael Jackson. I know there's a pop that is going to come out and I just want to have The King of Pop's pop. I don't really like the older versions because they look generic and here's to hoping they will add a couple of his mannerisms and signature clothes.

I know his older version is probably going to get love but as for me, the first Michael Jackson cassette tape I bought is Dangerous and I am a fan of his Black and White look.

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