I was never really a Blake Griffin fan.

Sure, I thought his entry to the Los Angeles Clippers jumpstarted their current rise.

I mean… the Clippers have three first pick overalls and I doubt if Danny Manning or gasp… Michael Olowokandi did enough to make us care for the league’s OTHER Los Angeles team.

However, I bought this Funko out of malice.

I was going head-to-head with my friend in NBA Fantasy and he had Blake Griffin on his squad.

And thank goodness he had Griffin on his squad!

I won by a squeaker because, at that time, Griffin was injured. In some ways, drafting the architect of Lob City paved the way to his losing season. Sure, the fantasy season was ruined by COVID-19 but wasting his second-round pick to a season-long injury reserve is a buzzkill.

A day prior to my win, I bought the Blake Griffin Funko. Call me cocky and erstwhile ridiculous but I may have needed to splurge cash because it’s difficult to commute when you only have 1000-peso bills. Worse, this is not even Blake Griffin’s best team. This is the Detroit Pistons version of Griffin. This is the version whose injury would eventually lead to Andre Drummond moving to Cleveland.

So I made a couple of smug shots but just in case I am going to lose the faceoff, I also made cute loser pics.

Turns out, pouting looks more annoying than smiling.

But hey, aside from the reason behind the acquisition, the Griffin Funko is my first NBA Funko Pop. I have a total of 18 now – including a Jumpman-like Jordan and its North Carolina version.

And I have a Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson Funko and those two are NOT going out of their boxes unless otherwise.

I don’t own a LeBron James, Steph Curry, James Harden, or Kyrie Irving Funko but I have a Blake Griffin Funko.


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