Updated: Sep 4, 2021


I wanted to have his Funko pop for the longest time.

With that said, he is part of a two-pack with Michael Scott.

The thing about The Office and The Office Funko pops is that while I’m bent to collect all of the characters, I just want ONE version of the character. I had the first Dwight Schrute pop but I had to buy the one with him carrying a jell-o that had his stapler inside because that is one of my favorite scenes from both British and American versions. I think at the moment I have see a Florida and a Shogun version of Stanley. I have seen a bloodied and a non-bloodied version of Creed. Inasmuch as I want to see their story arcs translated to the toys from season one to the final season, I just don’t want to collect 100 Office pops.

Also, The Office pops have had hits and a lot of misses. There is a reason why the first edition The Office pops are hardly getting in value as compared to the Parks and Recreation pops and the Community pops. Erin is about to get released but are we going to see a Karen pop? What about Roy? Robert California and Todd Packer?

Holly Flax???


Anyway... I am disregarding Toby.


The creation of the Toby character has made the bland HR position into a meme.

It does not help that Paul Lieberstein portrayed the character as a joyless creep into perfection. I have had HR friends over the years and none of them are as bland and unpopular as Toby. Even his Wikipedia page is uninteresting. This kind of led to the rumor of Toby being the Scranton Strangler.

My favorite Toby moment is when he accidentally outed Jim and Pam’s relationship.


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