I like psycho Lee Na Yeong… to an extent.

I guess this is the reason why she got the initial mansion boot?

I know she suffered inside the basement. With that said, they are also going to do one more team game. At 4v4 and with the now-basement players mad at the now-ground floor dwellers, they will most likely unleash hell on their rivals.

She played with emotions. She also acted like room leader because Yeon Seung, Tae Kyun, and Keun Woo played along. If Keun Woo asks Na Yeong about the money they wrongfully collected from him or if the two non-Na Yeong supporters throw the game to teach her a lesson, then Na Yeong’s initial punishment will undergo a reset.

And this is something that you learn from reality shows – what goes around… really comes around.

Jimin played like an executioner but at least she followed her team whenever it is needed. Na Yeong does the things her heart tells her and this ruined their dynamic.

Whenever a decision encounters mixed feelings, then this is a decision you CAN do without.

Also, is it me or does Na Yeong look like a vengeful ghost?

Game of Blood just got interesting with the Na Yeong heel turn.