Screw it.

I don't usually rant about things on my blog.

There are times I need to vent though.

I have this thing where I am thankful and privileged for everything that has been given to me. Sometimes, I don't need the things given to me... but then I would look at the bright side of things.

Pasalubong, for instance, is one thing that always makes me giddy.

Passed on by generations and generations and a fixture in Filipino culture and tradition, only a daft prick would come to a house and not even think of giving one. Yes, sometimes you come to a house without bringing anything... but then you're going to realize that you should have given something. When I was a poor yuppie or a struggling college student for that matter, I would often think of this whenever I go to a random house and the kind peeps of that house offer me food and other things like switching the TV on or offering their wifi password or just simply raiding the fridge to share their grub.

So with this in mind...

How did I end up getting on people's wrong sides by giving something and not expecting anything in return? How are Goldilocks and McDo burgers a bad thing?

I am led to believe that it's a sign of respect to bring things whenever I visit or return from somewhere. I just realized that while most people are thankful for receiving gifts, others see it as burdensome. Yes, I may or may not stuff food in an unwanted place in the fridge but I just want to eat and share.

I was led to believe that sharing IS caring.

I even waited for four minutes for a McChicken sandwich because one of my perceived benefactors have grown tired from eating cheeseburgers. I could have just said to the persons of interest that "beggars can't be choosy" but at that time, I really considered buying something else.

I know I shouldn't ask for anything in return but to get flak for being considerate to others IS NOT THE REACTION I WAS EXPECTING!!!