Like most viewers, I did not like the ending of How I Met Your Mother.

Like most viewers, I did not like the start of How I Met Your Father.

Here's to hoping that this series is going to be eventually good. Unfortunately, I got hooked on Lizzie Maguire when there was nothing good on television in the wee hours of around 1 to 2 in the morning (it's usually a combo alongside Boy Meets World and The Wonder Years) so I feel that this is the grown-up version of THAT show. Also, I remember Christopher Lowell in Life As We Know It - another coming-of-age show that unfortunately got the ax on its first season.

With that said, I did like the fact that it's on a certain familiar universe.

Unfortunately again, I was thinking that if for some reason, Friends get a sequel (not a reboot), they are going to use their apartment. I feel like How I Met could get it done with the Bob Saget and now Kim Catrall bookend/narration shticks. Central Perk can be an obvious choice but that also means there is going to be a hip and young owner... and How I Met Your Father also has a bar.

I guess hanging out in Central Perk is inevitable but they need to find a place with a more intimate setting... which will make the Friends sequel just another yuppie show.

Now don't get me wrong - Friends is an iconic program that would trump a reboot. It has been five years since David Crane's Episodes though. Marta Kauffman might have a meatier resume than Crane but the last major scores she pulled are either TV movies or documentaries.

Of all the titles I listed leading to this paragraph, Life As We Know It is the only show that didn't have an extension of some sort. There was a planned Lizzie Maguire adult series prior to this with both Boy Meets World and The Wonder Years actually having their own sequels. Joey is the unsuccessful spinoff of Friends but we can't rule out the possibility of "fixing the wrongs" especially since Crane's Episodes had Matt LeBlanc on it and most of the Friends stars are TV actors.

Anyway, I am going to binge-watch How I Met Your Father probably after the first season concludes. I have seen a bunch of clips on Youtube but I am on the verge of finishing Psych and the next show on my list is Ed.