The PBA Bubble in Clark, Pampanga is going to make our players safe from the current situation we are living in.

Now unlike the NBA, the PBA is used to having fewer crowds. I mean… if you want to feel depressed, then you need to watch a PBA D-League game. If you want to feel depressed on a professional level, then tune in to any match that does not involve the SMC teams or the beloved franchises like Alaska, Rain or Shine, or TNT.

This is what Maharlika Basketball and the rest of the college teams have that the PBA will never have. For as long as fans follow the stars, the PBA will have trouble looking for people to follow their luckless teams.

I like New Clark City, Pampanga. I don’t know which administration developed the idea and executed it into fruition but having an awesome sports-themed facility with the possibility of expanding the metro is always a good thing for any emergent economy. Yes, having a successful sports program does matter in the rise of any country. Just check out the medal tally of every Olympic game. The countries on top are the countries with successful economies. And it's not like we haven't witnessed this first-hand with every Manny Pacquiao fight disrupting a lot of criminal activities and the rise of Gilas Pilipinas (and the current somewhat fall) making the country relevant.

I mean, just look at how extravagant Adolf Hitler made the 1936 Berlin Olympics and how we continue to adapt what they did to this day. Whether you are pro-admin or anti-admin, that stupid 100-million worth cauldron is not doing anyone any favors in the pandemic. And yet, this cauldron is like any other stadium made in recent memory in all parts of the world just to promote tourism.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that there is an opportunity to always use New Clark City regardless of when and how they are going to open it up to the public. One idea I have in mind is to make televised meets for all sports. With the exception of the Marcos Administration rushing the makeovers of various sports structures in time for the 1981 SEA Games (I guess this was during the time of the ill-fated Manila Film Center tragedy), this could be a one-stop-shop for sports science, a startup for various grassroots programs, and sports broadcasting.

Why waste facilities! This can be a good place to hold Palarong Pambansa. Their TV-friendly colors can be a good way to broadcast studio-based activities like boxing, billiards, weightlifting, gymnastics, and even e-games. The outdoor facilities can be of value to create the next Lydia de Vega, Elma Muros, Akiko Thompson, Felix Barrientos, and Phil Younghusband.

And how about baseball and softball!

We rank high at these sports and for some insane reason, the country is oblivious that we are that good!

WWE once housed NXT in Florida’s Full Sail University. Most of the people they hire are professionals but it is also a breeding ground for broadcasting majors. These kids have a direct line to TV writing and production and most of them are either absorbed by the WWE or are thriving in different fields.

Man, I would kill for an opportunity to play with control booths or create gripping documentaries with all the equipment at my disposal, and for the athletes, this is a good chance to train with the government backing them up properly.

Can you imagine a well-thought reality series where scouts scour the country to find the next Hidilyn Diaz? Or next Manny Pacquiao? Or the next Carlos Yulo?

So the government can also ask for sponsorship from various corporate juggernauts. I mean… what else is new? But at least they have a place enticing enough for these investors.

The PBA Bubble is going to an important step towards the new normal of Philippine sports.

And yeah… how about letting Calvin Abueva play?

Get Sydrified.

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