So I just installed Bluestacks on my computer.

My laptop gets a tolerable wifi signal but the same can’t be said with my mobile.

For example, I have been neglecting my Clash Royale game because I don’t like the idea of letting my sweaty palms touch my mobile phone after almost ten hours of work.

I would rather play CS: GO, Chess, DOTA 2, and even Starcraft 2 (even if my head spins whenever I play it) than go to a neat spot with tolerable wifi connection, and play a couple of frustrating rounds on whether or not I would get a legendary chest (and get a magic archer in the process).

Like I said, I installed Bluestacks on my computer. At the moment, I am enjoying the app and I may introduce a couple of games that I would like to revisit like Brawl Stars, NBA Mobile, WWE Champions, and even that overly pimped game, State of Survival.

I mean… the trope of a female tween with a dog and a shotgun is kind of overused, am I right?

So there.

My laptop is slowly turning into a gaming laptop… and the more I realize this, the more I want to expand my 8GB RAM.

Get Sydrified.

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