I am still a fan of WWE Supercard.

It’s what a mobile game is supposed to be. I know mobile games have come a long way from your typical brick, snake, and memory games but I like clicking to attack or button smashing controllers like how I did things back in the day.

But I get it.

And it’s not about them.

It’s about WWE Supercard.

Actually, this is about the two WWE games I have played on mobile.

I think it’s been three years since I retired from WWE Champions. The mobile game is basically Candy Crush with wrestling animation. Certain characters trigger certain moves like changing the color of the card to your choosing… or destroy a row or a column. They have weekend faction feuds that could take up your entire weekend.

And then there’s WWE Supercard – my current WWE game on mobile. This is your typical super trump where you obtain the best cards until the next tier comes along. Supercard also has a faction game but it’s not as time constraining as WWE Champions.

It’s also not as toxic.


I hate Halloween cards. I hated it on WWE Champions and I hate it on WWE Supercard. Part of the hate is that the wrestlers never came out as zombie versions of their selves. I also find it corny when they invent "scary" names to coincide with their undead personas. Maybe I would like this if they incorporated a former version of said wrestler like I dunno the spooky chick costumes… or when The New Day came out and dressed up as The Brood.

Even Halloween Havoc-themed cards!

Guys like The Undertaker, Kane, Sting, and Bray Wyatt are perfect for this. They don’t have to shoot the wrestlers in other gear but maybe they can do a movie poster-like card in which they are like heroes or villains of a horror movie.

Kane had a horror-themed movie back in the day, right?

In WWE Supercard, I think I’ll take a break from the game this month. I just don’t want to collect marigold and skulls. I would have loved it if they just had The Firefly Fun House characters for fusion or act as accessories. Alexa Bliss is hot right now as Fiend's new accomplice. I bet her look could be a good Halloween-themed card!

Anyway, that’s my gripe about the Halloween cards. Especially, if you’re outside the United States, the holiday doesn’t mean as much.