I like Earth Arcade.

It's a typical Korean Variety show with a refreshing cast.

Lee Young Ji is insane. Also, Lee Eun Ji is nice as the eldest that is barely in her 30s... which makes her the teacher of bad things.

The fifth member here is Na Young Seok of 1N2D Season 1 fame. It feels like the show has Sixth Sense vibes wherein Director Na is channeling Yu Jae Suk while the rest are non-pervy versions of the Sixth Sense crew.

Yes, I still like the Sixth Sense crew because their tamest is Jeon So Min and she's not tame at all. Here, Eun Ji, Mimi, and IVE's An Yu Jin aren't as wild but it's like they learned variety from Kang Ho Dong's line.

Young Ji is a different animal though and Yujin is probably going to be a variety star if this keeps on going. As mentioned, the show is basically New Journey to the West with girls involved.

It would be awesome to see this team have a crossover with Na's regular team.

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