I was actually blogging during the holidays and over the weekend.

I started a blog on why a lot of Ateneo players fizzle out the moment they reach the PBA. I started a blog about the 2020 NBA Draft. I started a blog on how the CJ Cansino transfer to UP is crazy. I even started a blog on how I hate Kyrie Irving after I pulled him to my NBA 2K20 lineup.

I also bought a couple of Funkos.

I will blog about this.

And for the first time in more than half a year, I finally got to see Railey in person.

Believe me, it was like I wanted to kiss him… but I also believe that I need to protect him… and yet I want him to touch me…

It’s complicated… and I will start a blog about it.

Yes, I start blogs, and for some reason… I can’t finish! Maybe it’s because I have too many distractions… or maybe I need to stop procrastinating or to stop multi-tasking? All I know is that I need to have a good amount of audience before the year ends and I guess the best way for this is more content.


Get Sydrified.

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