Nothing says I love you more than a pair of somewhat expensive eyeglasses.

I guess the moment he turned eight, he should be doing what an eight-year-old kid needs to do. For instance, whine at digital things. Apart from Brawl Stars and Among Us, my kid has been playing a lot of games and checking out a lot of YouTubers.

A year ago, we discovered that his eyes are 175/200.

I had the same grade when I was in second-year high school.

I won't be surprised if he ends up having Horace Grant glasses by the end of his 16th birthday with the way he consumes digital content with his mobile phone.

He also has this old set of glasses his mom gave him - bent up because he carelessly leaves the glasses on the bed and on the floor.

Initially, this was supposed to be a Christmas gift... it turned into a birthday gift. When we were at the mall, I asked him to pick out a pair from the discount pile. He initially had these all-plastic glasses that looked sturdy enough for wear and tear.

But as he was about to have his eyes graded, the Ideal Vision saleslady came out and handed him this pair of blue glasses.

Male kids are attracted to blue things!

But it was not on the discount pile. It was a Puma pair of glasses worth almost five thousand pesos. Normally, I am good with expensive glasses. I pimp my glasses with Transition lenses that could protect me from computer monitor radiation... apart from the frame being Nike (I need plastic frames because I am acidic).

So I did what any dad would do.

I collared his shirt and told him to take care of his glasses or else I will bearhug spin him to oblivion.

Just kidding.

Bearhug spin 100 times is enough.

Ahihi. :)

Of course, I'll still probably buy him a gift like a toy... or some sort of digital weapon. With that said, he had all the time in the world to get a toy he would either dirty up or just buy on impulse but he chose to leave the store empty-handed and without a shed of tear.

I'm kind of bummed out in some ways because I wanted him to get something but at the same time, maybe it's a sign that he's growing up. Yes, there are a lot of things that he needs to improve but he's also excelling in other aspects.

At least I gave him a pair of eyeglasses.

Hopefully, he takes care of this for a long, loooooong time.

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