So I want to upload something on Instagram...

But your phone is charging?

Or you have procrastination issues?

Here is something I learned when I visited the Santrel Media Youtube page.

If you check out the video, there’s a cool trick where you can upload photos directly from your laptop or desktop.

So here’s the rundown (or just watch the video).

Click the CUSTOMIZE AND CONTROL BUTTON of your GOOGLE CHROME browser (the one with the three vertical dots).

Then click MORE TOOLS.

For men, this is the part of your browser you access if you want to clear your browser data… because you doubt Google Incognito… uhurm.

Anyway, click DEVELOPER TOOLS.

Then on the right side, click the first symbol before ELEMENTS. It’s like two rectangles hanging out… but the other rectangle is small.


Basically there’s a blurred circle there and it’s basically acting as your finger.

And now, you can write, upload, and send likes without touching your phone.

Again, I thank Santrel Media for this info. Check them out on their Youtube page.

Get Sydrified.

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