3x Mythical Five

5x Mythical Ten

2x Best Player of the Conference

2x Finals MVP

25 Greatest Players of the PBA

Almost played in the 1986 Madrid FIBA World Championship

1x Defensive Player of the Year

9x All-Defensive Team

11x All-Star

10,000 Points

2,000 Defensive Rebounds

2,000 Offensive Rebounds

1,000 Blocks

2,000 Free Throws Made

Top 10: Rebounds Average

1x Season Champion: Total Defensive Rebounds

1x Season Champion: Total Offensive Rebounds

3x Season Champion: Total Rebounds

3x Season Champion: Total Blocks

Jerry Codinera is one of the best offense-defense players to ever hit the league... even if he just played second fiddle to Alvin Patrimonio in Purefoods. Well... sure, his awards and achievements pale in comparison to that of The Captain, but just imagine if Codinera became a team's go-to-guy during his prime? The Defense Minister averaged 10+ points in his first decade in the league but as his moniker suggests, he is as feared as a rebound hoarder and a swat specialist.

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