I haven’t seen Hometown Cha-Cha.

It’s probably good.

You must feel it for Kim Jong-Min though.

For almost 15 years, he has seen his cast members come and go due to insane baggage. From tax evasion to gambling allegations to draft dodging to even having a dude in their team that’s… a huge dick to women, Jong-Min is probably worried as hell right now.

So Kim Seon-Ho is NOT the goody-two-shoes people see him in Two Days, One Night S4.

Well, sometimes that’s just the case.

I don’t know about the abortion thing though.

For years, he tried his best to break the industry and the moment he did, these things pop up. 1N2D gave him the opportunity to be a household name and in some ways… it could heal him?

Oh, damn it.

He’s out of the show.


… and I kind of get why he’s out of the show.

With the aforementioned scandals that rocked the show from day one of its existence, any cast member has to be the perfect Korean citizen. Surely, the variety rookie (or sophomore/junior at this point) is bound to get flak from his wrongdoings. The show has to distance itself against their bad seeds and I get why we’re going to have insane editing maneuvers to take his face out of the broadcasts.

I remember when MC Mong was taken out of the show and the super extreme close-ups, disconnected trains of thought, and heavily-butchered challenges happened.

But then again, the iconic return of Jung Joon-Young from hiatus went from a feel-good moment to this dynamite that exploded on the show that cost them almost a year of inactivity.

Inasmuch as he is funny, especially with how people saw Kim Seon-Ho as this bit player that has become one of Korea’s most sought-after stars, he needs to go…

… and this sucks because Yeon Jung-Hoon is not that talkative and Moon Se-Yoon and Dindin can be annoying at times.

Revenge is also something worth mentioning here. The reason why K-Dramas are goddamn meaty is that the stories are kind of like real life. As mentioned, Kim Seon-Ho was a somewhat recognizable actor that became a sought-after actor… and he’s leaving his entertainment company. With every opportunity SALT Entertainment gave to him, his next move is to pursue other managerial opportunities… and in some ways, either comes out as arrogance… or ignorance.

So the hunt for the sixth member is surely in the works. 1N2D never does well with uneven members – especially if it’s fewer than six. Apart from the Season 3 scandal, the other time the show dipped to five was when Lee Seung-gi, Eun Ji-won, Jong-min, Uhm Tae-Woong, and Lee Su-Geun had to do it by their selves following the departure of Kang Ho-dong in Season 1. This move also prompted the show to start a new season with Su-Geun, Jong-min, and Tae-Woong returning, and to put it bluntly, Season 2 is in my opinion, the worst season of the show.

I like Kim Seon-ho in 1N2D. I thought he ranked first ahead of Jong-min and Ravi in terms of oomph. Jong-min has reverted to the role of Cha Tae-Hyun in which he likes to make the other cast members good. He also serves as their “demented” mentor… although his “dumbness” has made the other members doubt his awesomeness as the months go by. Seon-ho is one of the members who looked up to Jong-min and their dynamic is one of the solid partnerships here.

He is probably the show’s version of Lee Kwang-Soo in the sense that among the variety rookies on Running Man, he stood best as a solo act (I mean even Gary had to rely on Song Ji-Hyo at times).

So who could be the sixth member of the show? Is he another newbie? I like Kang Ha-Neul but he’s probably too big for Korean variety. Lee Sang-Yoon is another possibility although I think he’s better off to come back in Master in the House. It’s the same case as Lee Sang-Yeob as he’ll probably have little to no mention if he ditches his history on Running Man (although it’s not like he’s going to replace Kwang-soo on the show). Other members like Kim Jun-ho, Defcoon, and Lee Yong-jin are part of a show with a similar format called Friendly Variety Show.

Inasmuch as Kim Seon-ho created this nasty predicament, he’s probably going to come back humbled and more determined.

I’m just interested in how the guys from Two Days One Night would do.

I just don’t think the show could endure another messed-up ending.