With the exception of an impulsive Panini NBA Hoops fat pack box acquisition over on eBay, I haven’t been box hunting lately.

I guess it finally dawned on me that card collecting isn’t as appealing now especially with the pandemic slowly dying down. Yes, there is still the scare... but I have been already vaccinated, I had my booster shot, and I am trying my best to stay from people.

Also, selling NBA cards isn’t as quick as it was back then.

With that said, I am planning to sell some of my cards. Work really sucks in taking away my time to pursue other interests, but I am really trying to check out Shopee and Lazada on how they conduct things there.

Anyway, I have been checking out COMC.COM for some time now. May is going to be an excellent month because I am going to get a lot of 90s cards – mostly Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, and Kevin Garnett cards.

COMC also gives me a chance to “pull” the cards I have been drooling on. Apart from the best players of the 90s, I am into NBA busts. I may have acquired the rookie card of Sam Bowie in one of my hauls. I don’t think he’s a bust but I do believe it’s hard for Portland to justify their decision to pass on either Jordan or Charles Barkley, especially with what happened to their careers.

I may also track down a couple of autograph cards. I already have a Darko Milicic autograph card – as well as Nikoloz Tskitishvili.

I want a Kwame Brown autograph card.